— Our story

Dynamic-Csurgó Kft. is a manufacturing plant for electronic devices, which mainly produces devices and measuring instruments for the Austrian, German and domestic markets, used in furniture - building shade-blinding - weather forecasting areas.

    1999-2006   Dynamic-Csurgó Kft.

                              - The beginnings -

Our company, which was founded in 1999, specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices in 2006. The company started its production with 10 persons on the August of 2006 in a rented site (Csurgó, Jókai street 17.). With the help of BiharinéAsbóthEmőke, who was the mayor of Csurgó at that time, and the local leader of the Labor Office, we managed to start the production in Csurgó. Initially we carried out manual soldering of electronic components and assembly of devices

         2007 Expansion - Ersa EWS330

Wave soldering equipment

In 2007 the use of Ersa EWS330 type Wave soldering equipment had been introduced, with which changed the manual soldering to machine soldering of PCBs mounted with THT components. The number of the employees expand to 24 persons in 2007.

        2008   Moving to Iharosberény

The company quickly outgrown its plant in Jókai street, no floor space required for carrying out and storing machines and workflows was available, so the company continued to operate in Iharosberény, continuing with 27 employees, also in a rented facility, but it already had the right conditions for safe, smooth operation and to employ up to 90 persons at the same time.

 2009  ISO 9001 Quality Management System

From the January of 2009 the company makes its manufacture under the control of ISO 9001 Quality Management System with 28 persons. Electrical and visual inspection of each workpiece ensures the high quality of the product, which is further enhanced by the introduction of the fully automatic functional test.

 2010   Introduction of SMD technology and ABAS

In 2010 technology palette of the company employing 32 employeeswas extended with a production line for implanting and soldering of SMD components.Its parts spread fromSP150-SV PLUS semi-automatic printer, through Panthera X implanting equipment of Essemtechand IBL SLC 309 vapor phase soldering equipmentto SAKI Automatic Optical Investigation (AOI). Also from 2010 ABAS corporate governance system and an extremely strict stock register had been introduced for more efficient and more precise operation.

2011 Development of production, implanting and soldering capacity

In 2011 Dynamic-Csurgó Kft. extended its machine park with TWS Quadra type implanting machine, which resulted in continuous implanting and soldering capacity growth. Productivity ranges from prototype to medium-large series.Meanwhile the construction works of the new own plant of the company had been started in Csurgó.

2012  Moving to Csurgó

In the January of 2012 the company moved back to Csurgó, to its own, new and modern plant. The more than 500 m2 assembly hall is waiting for 80 persons in a shift in a modern environment with a well-equipped workstation.It is possible to use a new production area to start larger volumes, large-scale production. The 500 m2 warehouse offers 273 pallets and a 100 m2 manual storage gives opportunity to clear, secure placement of the boxed parts on the shelves

2013 ISO 14001 and further developments

From the January of 2013 the company has compliance with ISO 14001 environmental regulations. In this year the machine park of Dynamic-Csurgó Kft. continued to expand: the new Pantera XVC allows time saving and greater utilization. The SLC509 type vapor phase soldering equipment contributed with further productivity growth.

2014-2015 Profile expansion and professional development

In 2014 the purchase of ERSA selective soldering machine resulted in profile expansion. However, from this year onwards, more and more request have been received from our customers for the partial or full purchase of parts and the takeover of the related transport activity. Along with the continuous improvement of the machine park, the emphasis is placed on the professional development of employees and the possibilities for their advancement.All employees of the company have the opportunity to study, which is supported by the company. The time has come for the company to appear personally in the international arena, so in the November of 2014 Dynamic-Csurgó Kft. represented as exhibitor at "Productronica" exhibition in München. In 2015 the number of the employees reached 46 persons.

2016 The beginning of a new era

From the June of 2016 a new era began in the life of the company with the installation of Siplace SMT implanting equipment. The number of the employees increased to 83 persons, which is growing steadily since then. The company is looking for staff from an installation engineer to an experienced international engineer constantly. The strategic goal of the current medium-sized company is to become a big company.