About us

We make our products with skills


Our professional expertise is the guarantee

As a pledge of our demanding and reliable services, we always consider our thorough and up-to-date preparedness, our trusted, well-maintained asset portfolio, with which we can be available for our partners at all times.

Our company was founded in 1999, then in 2006 we specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices, so now we have more than 10 years of professional experience, which is the guarantee.

Our new modern factory was built in Csurgó in 2011, where our 500 m2 assembly hall is waiting for 80 persons in a shift with a well-equipped workstation. Through our continuous developments, we can make machine soldering of PCBs mounted with THT components and our technology palette was extended with a production line for implanting and soldering of SMD components.

Our ABAS corporate governance system, our strict stock register, our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System are a guarantee of our success and guarantee of our excellent work.

Why should you choose us?

  • because we prepare for a number of related tasks consciously
  • because we are constantly innovating
  • because we can serve the electronics industry broadly
  • because we produce high quality products


The use of high quality raw materials and technology is essential to achive excellent results.


With the continuous training of our specialist we provide the right professional level.


Ask for our offer and make sure about it personally!