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We ensure the quality of our service through the continuous improvement of our machinery, technologies and staff. By coordinating our inline and offline systems and employing strategic combinations, we can tailor the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and adherence to desired deadlines of electronic contract manufacturing projects to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Our electronic contract manufacturing company possesses a high level of expertise and a quality equipment base in the field of SMT technology production. We have two independent INLINE production lines with different configurations to better adapt to the needs of our clients. When it comes to component placement, the smallest component size is 01005, while the largest size is 45x98mm. Our theoretical placement speed is 24,200 components per hour, which in practice can be maintained at around 20,000 components per hour.


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Our company also has a manufacturing department with THT (Through-Hole Technology) capabilities. This technology was predominant in the electronics industry until the late 1980s, but it still remains an efficient solution today. Following manual and pneumatic insertion, the soldering process is ensured by the ERSA protective gas tunnel wave soldering equipment, and also by the ERSA selective soldering machine. We can work with a minimum distance of 1 mm between soldering points, and production can be guaranteed in a predictable pace with standard quality. Our technology is primarily prepared for lead-free (ROHS) soldering, but upon request, we can also switch to lead-based soldering materials.


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Our electronic contract manufacturing assembly department operates on 7 lines with 45 employees. In addition to single or multi-stage assembly tasks, we perform processes such as label application, cable harnessing, final assembly, testing, and packaging for our clients.


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Our company has extensive experience and sufficient capacity to meet the diverse cable harnessing manufacturing needs of various sectors within the electronics industry. Whether you require the splicing of delicate signal cables, connector installations, or even the complete manufacturing of automotive cable harnesses, we can accommodate your requirements.

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